Matsune FX

The Art of Film making - Matt Suzuki

actor : Harrison Ford "The Fugitive"

director : Wes Craven "The People under the Staires"

director : Sam Raimi "The Army of Darkness"

director : Peter Weir "Fearless"

animator : Peter Kleinow "The Army of Darkness"

Visual EFX Supervisor: Hoyt Yeatman "Crimson Tide"

art director : Nilo Rodis Jamero "Star Wars - The empire Strikes Back"

actor : Bluce Campbell "The Army of Darkness"

future visualist : Syd Mead "Blade Runner"
conceptual designer : Mentor Hubner "Blade Runner"

director : Ron Clements & John Musker "The Little Mermaide"

director : Stephen J. Anderson "Meet the Robinsons"