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Matsune Suzuki
A member of 839 I.A.T.S.E. Union
A member of TSL I.A.T.S.E. Union
A member of Visual Effects Society
Consultant COM Group
2016 Moana Walt Disney Directed by Ron Clements / John Musker
2015 Zootopia Walt Disney Directed by Byron Howerd / Rich Moore
2014 Big Hero 6 Walt Disney Directed by Don Hall / Chris Williams
2013 Frozen Walt Disney Directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
2012 Wreck it Ralph Walt Disney Directed by Rich Moore
2010 Winnie the Pooh Walt Disney Directed by Stephen J. Anderson
2009 Tangled Walt Disney Directed by Nathan Greno
Byron Howerd
2008 Adventures of TIN TIN Paramount Directed by Steven Spielberg
2008 AVATAR 20th Century FOX
Directed by James Cameron
2008 Lovely Bones Dream Works
Directed by Peter Jackson
2008 The Day The Earth Stood Still 20th Century FOX Directed by Scott Derrickson
2008 The Chronicles of Narnia
Prince Caspian
Walt Disney Directed by Andrew Adamson
2008 Jumper 20th Century FOX Directed by Doug Limaan
2007 Enchanted Walt Disney Directed by Kevin Lima
2007 30 Days of Night Columbia Directed by David Slade
2007 Fantastic 4
Rise of the Silver Surfer
20th Century FOX Directed by Tim Story
Meet the Robinsons Walt Disney Directed by Steve Anderson
2002 Chiken Little Walt Disney Directed by Mark Dindal
2001 Kangaroo Jack Warner Bros.
Directed by David McNally
2000 Fantasia Walt Disney Directed by Pixote Hunt
1999 ATLANTIS Walt Disney Directed by Kirk Wise
Gary Trousdale
1999 Bicentennial Man
Touchstone Directed by Chris Columbus
1998 My Favorite Martian
Walt Disney Directed by Donald Petrie
1998 Mighty Joe Young
Walt Disney Directed by Ron Underwood
1998 Flubber Walt Disney Directed by Les Mayfield
1997 Deep Rising
Hollywood Pictures
Directed by Stephen Sommers
1997 Con Air
Directed by Simon West
1996 The Rock
Hollywood Pictures Directed by Michael Bay
1996 The Arrival
Orion Directed by David Twohy
1995 T-Rex Touchstone Directed by Johnasan Beturi
1995 Galaxis Interright Directed by William Mesa
1994 Crimson Tide
Hollywood Pictures Directed by Tony Scott
1994 Earth 2
Directed by Scott Winant
1994 Heaven's Prisoners
New Line Cinema
Directed by Phil Joanou
1994 New Nightmare
New Line Cinema
Directed by Wes Craven
1994 To Be the Best PM Entertainment Directed by Joseph Merhi
1993 Fugitive Warner Bros.
Directed by Andrew Davis
1993 Monolith EGM Film Directed by John Eyres
1993 Necronomicon Davis Films Directed by Christophe Gans
1992 Fearless Warner Bros. Directed by Peter Weir
1992 Waterworld Universal Directed by Kevin Reynolds
1992 Hero Columbia Directed by Strphen Frears
1992 Under Siege
Warner Bros.
Directed by Andrew Davis
1991 Army of Darkness
Universal Directed by Sam Raimi
1991 Patriot Games
Paramount Directed by Phillip Noyce
1991 The Tower
20th Century FOX
Directed by Richard Kletter
1991 Billy Bathgate
Touchstone Directed by Robert Benton
1991 Out on a Limb
Universal Directed by Francis Verber
1991 Universal Soldier
Carolco Directed by Roland Emmerich
1991 Cyclops Carolco
1990 G.I.Joe Warner Bros.

1990 A Princess of Mars
1994 The Hauniting of Seacliff inn CBS Directed by Walter Klenhard
AT & T
Travelers Insuarance
Providian Insuraance
Pontiac Sun Fire
I.W. Harper
[Ride Films]
Mickey's Philhermagic
Space Shuttle America
Six Flags
Aqua Nova
[Music Video]
Livin' On the Edge
Aero Smith
Teaching students at JIKEI COM GROUP Comunication Art school (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai)
[Relevant Experiences]
Conceptual Illustration
Visual Effect Miniatures
Story Board Artist
Speciality Props
Draftsman CAD/CAM
Optical Composite
Graphic Design
Matte Artist
Computer Graphics (Maya & Alias)
Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, California
Bachelor of Science Industorial Design
Seikei University
Pre-Law [Degree]